Cambridge book centre

With over 45 years in the business, Cambridge Book Centre knows the book and stationery retail business like no other. Started as a small shop in rural Sembawang, it quickly grew into a community emporium where everyone in the kampong knew Cambridge was the place to get what they need. Urban development saw us gaining an additional foothold in the HDB estate of Yishun where we once again established ourself as reliable and trustworthy business.
By then we had expanded our business well into school bookshops where we ran school bookshops tending to students in primary and secondary schools alike. Competition is tough with the bigger retailers, but we continue to keep our prices affordable and our services friendly.

About Us
Cambridge Book Centre is a family-owned and run, true-blue Singaporean business who believes in providing every child the access to a wide variety of good school textbooks and enrichment materials to make learning as easy as possible. Our long serving staff believes in that too. So we build long term relationships with the parents and children, many of whom grew up buying from us, thereafter brought their children back to us. Cambridge Book Centre is as much a part of every customer-child's growing up as his / her school, playground or favourite toy, and it will probably continue to do so for a while.
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